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Align your organization with the future you imagine to feel OnFreedom.

1 week

3 months / weekly 2hrs



We start OnYou if you don’t already have it at hand.

We build your organization’s StrategyGuide based OnYou.

We get you OnSpeed to make your desired impact.

Imagine your organization is a sailing boat going on the ocean to feel free. You don’t want to find yourself on water with the wrong crew, not enough to drink and eat. If you realize on water that you’ve missed a lot of essentials, you wont feel happy. We’ve been there.

Storms will arise for sure, so better be prepared on what’s possible to prepare. In the case of building future organizations, we prepare founders with our StrategyGuide. It makes people feel OnFreedom during their long-term journey in bad and good times.

Who is this for?

It’s for you if you want to avoid a lot of frustration and pain during a long-term journey. If you are about to create your future with an organization and want to be prepared, get in touch with us. 

It’s not for you if you can’t wait to go on water anyway to learn it the hard way.


The special sauce is the clarity you get. No wishy-washy, no twenty target audiences.You map out your big ambitious vision in the form of our StrategyGuide, and whenever it gets messy, it serves as your compass.

What you get

Lifetime access and essential updates to your organiazion’s StrategyGuide.

OnSpeed guidance to make progress long-term (recommended)

Good to know

The StrategyGuide keeps all On the Same Page to achieve more.

Its parts cascade down from a founders OnYou.

introduction and elevator pitch becomes simple.

It’s built that
your organization lasts after your exit.

Briefing people who work with you is easy and straightforward.

Founders without a StrategyGuide

Spend a lot of time, energy and money for trial and error that could have been avoided.

Annoy designers and people with their uncertainties and create a lot of unnecessary work.

Work in their business around the clock, rather than creating the future they imagine.

Fail 9/10 times building their organization.

Rely purely on luck.


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