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Discover what makes you special to create a future with clarity.

½ day

1 week on your own

½ day


We discover your guiding principle in a 1on1 Session.

You validate and refine your principle with our guidance.

We review and edit a final draft together.

“To help people achieve more” is the guiding principle of Otto. This is how he is at his core and OnSaPa exists to deliver services built on that.

With OnYou, we help you understand the writer of your story, which is you, so that you can use this knowledge to go through life with clarity.

Who is this for?

It’s for you if you want to discover what guides you on an emotional level. It’s not for you, if you are not open to grow personally.


The special sauce is that you will discover, and not create, your guiding principle.

What you get

You can say in a simple sentence, how you contribute and impact people's lives.

You start to understand, why you belong to certain groups and don’t match to others.

You are able to look for cultural fit rather than expertise on finding jobs.

You have the first piece to get
OnSpeed and build a future OnFreedom.

Good to know

We discover (don’t create) through personal stories that shaped the person you are.

We keep
everything confidential and you don't have to tell things you don't want.

Great leaders use this proven method to build organizations from inside out.

People without this knowledge

Have no clarity about their decisions.

Are often
unhappy in their jobs.

Can’t communicate easily why they do things they are passionate about.

Let's get to know each other



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