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Achieve more with the best natural drug on the market: OnSpeed.

½ day

60 minutes / week

½ day


You set and focus only on the goals that matter based OnYou.

We meet weekly on Tuesdays to keep and track you OnSpeed.

We review and celebrate your achievements quarterly.

Then we repeat this cycle to keep you OnSpeed long-term.

We know self-management is hard. It’s especially difficult if we don't track and share our goals and progresses with an accountability partner.

If you work very hard but don’t get where you want to be, then
it’s time to get OnSpeed with us.

Who is this for?

It’s for you if you want to create your future. This method works especially good over time. You will learn your real pace for the things you want to accomplish in life. It works for personal and business goals and helps people achieve more.

It’s not for you if you fear reality. When we put a number behind your goals, they become a real commitment. It’s especially not for people who prefer to go through life without intention.


The special sauce is having someone checking in with you to measure your weekly goals.

What you get

Actually, it’s simple goal setting with OKRs. An Objective should be inspiring and motivating, e.g. I wan't to be sexy and healthy.

A Key Result to get there needs to be measurable and achievable e.g. at least 10 minutes running per day.

You work with an honest accountability partner that helps you set and measure your desired goals for the long-term.

Good to know

It’s like muscle training. The longer you do it, the better you become.

In the beginning, you may set too high or too low goals, but
you get better soon.

This method is scalable: It works for individuals and for organizations with thousands of people, contributing to one big ambitious goal.

Intel, Google, Spotify, Twitter, Airbnb and many more built their organizations using OKRs their way.

With OnSpeed, we do it our way and 
you don’t have to learn it. OnSaPa™ will get you on this naturally.

People without this method

Stay reactive to other people’s tasks.

Have a hard time working on the big picture.

Have regrets of
making ideas not happen.

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