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We imagine a world in harmony and progress and help people create it.


2019 – In front of the think tank in the middle of Zurichs industrial quarter.

“How can we help people achieve more?” Otto and Tim attacked this question after they had worked for a start-up together. This start-up spent six figures of its money and failed in communication and direction: A total frustration for all.

Otto and Tim quit and met each other every day to think deep for a year. After many iteration cycles, they finally designed a solid and dynamic process to help people succeed with teamwork and clarity.

After testing it successfully, Tim quit to solve new problems in philosophy. Otto focuses now on multiple individuals to help them create an amazing future with OnSaPa. But how does it work?

It’s simple.

Our process always starts by discovering the persons central meaning of life. Then we help to bring their actions in harmony with their meaning. This step builds up speed like crazy. People love it.







OnFreedom is for people who want to achieve big goals in our limited lifetime. We help them build a lasting organization, that serves their personal vision of a better planet for the long term. After three months, partners receive their StrategyGuide. With this living online document in their hands, they keep everyone On the Same Page.


Guiding Principle

Personal Vision of life


SWOT quarterly

OKRs quarterly

Weekly meetings


Combines all our services





Exit Strategy

Product Strategy


Internal Rules

People Strategy

Additional Services

Pitch Deck / Funding help

Assistance on communication

Onboarding the right people

Network to experts

All On The Same Page

This is why we call it OnSaPa — it comes from getting and staying On The Same Page and then focusing all energy in one direction. 

Teamwork over ego

Don’t waste your time by trying to solve everything yourself. This is the biggest obstacle we have found on failing entrepreneurs. They often start micromanaging people in areas they aren’t experts which leads to weak results. You are amazing in what you love doing and this is seeing your product or service thrive. As Michael Jordan once said:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Get in touch with Otto to make the change you always wanted to. No business development knowledge is required. He will guide you like you’re driving to your future with a cab. 


Let's get to know each other



Get contacted to schedule your first free meeting with the founder

We use methods applied by successful leaders

What our partners say

I always felt too slow for the flow. With Otto as a personal guide, I found a balance between work and life. I completely underestimated recovery time and I'm amazed that breaks help me get more OnSpeed.

Booney — Founder at MuchoFunBoogie

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